Marloes Pijfers Freelance art director & creative
BB Themabeeld met zonder DE logo F def
BB bartje Gehaktbal F
BB Appelflap F
BB 3 Broden
BB vliegende Bollen F
BB Kip Mex F
BB ontbijt met DE Logo F
BB Suacijs F
BB Bartjes diagonaal F
BB Pizza Stuk F
BB Themabeeld met DE logo F
BB Brood F
BB Ham Kaas spiegel F def
BB Saucijs 2F
BB Spa Raspberry met DE logo F
BB ontbijt met zonder Logo F
BB Kaasstengels F
BB Kaasstengel F
BB Broodtrommel F

Every year it is a big moment in the fashion world. The release of the autumn collection. A feast for the eyes for many. But yeah... that fashion tastes like nothing.
Bakker Bart's autumn collection, on the other hand, is a feast for the eyes!

We use typical fashion visual language combined with the icons of Bakker Bart. 
These visuals are widespread in stores and in online media.

Client: Bakker Bart
Agency: Han Snel
Concept, Art Direction
 Jan Schartman