Marloes Pijfers
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    A DIY with the famous IKEA FRAKTA bag on Instagram Stories.

  • A week worth of instagram stories about how to sleep better and how IKEA can help you with that.

  • Every year for Mother’s Day, the best art pieces are created. In this kids version of the ‘Aandacht Maakt Alles Mooier’ commercial (the original IKEA commercials), we follow one kid in their creation process for the ultimate Mother’s Day homemade gift. With the video, we create a twinkle in the eye contrast between the seriousness of the commercial and the adorable (casted) kid. Loveable content that fits the mothers in our target audience. So fitting, IKEA put the video on TV for the Mother’s day weekend.

  • A Giphy campaign to raise awareness for the possibility to get your holiday gifts at IKEA. This one is nominated for Best Campaign at The Best Social Awards 2018.

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    Outdoor "billboat" at the gaypride.

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    Valentine-, or Aller Härtjenstag cards, as they call it in Swedish. You could send them out for free to your loved ones and win a valentines dinner at one of the IKEA restaurants.

Concepting, Design, Creative direction

From 2013 until 2018 I was one of the main designers for IKEA Netherlands on social media. I was involved in almost every campaign that happend on all of their social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+ (...) and Snapchat). 

Besides the day to day social content, there were many digital activations and productions. In 2018 IKEA was nominated in the categories Best Campaign and Best brand at The Best Social awards.